Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Will: Sophie's so little, she's got a threehead.

Mom: Really?

Will: Yes. When she turns three, then she will have a forehead.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Funny (Unrelated) Quotes

Sophie, upon seeing Will crawl onto my lap: "That's my lap! Mine, mine, mine!"

Will, just after giving me an unexpected from-behind hug: "Mom, remember, you have snot on the back of your shirt."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

About Me (Sophie)

First of all, I still maintain that my real name is Baby, but no one else around here seems to believe me. Now, on to my favorite subject...

1. I am on marker restriction. I may be on marker restriction until I am in middle school.

2. I talk like crazy! Mom says I am ahead of Will on this for my age, but that it makes sense because I am a girl. Recently, I dropped my tiny rubber band in the sink and I told Mom, "It went down the drain!" Last night we had brownies and they were being passed to the other end of table. I said, "I want some brownies... WAIT A MINUTE! I want some brownies!"

3. The other day, after I watched Mom get ready for work, I said, "Mama looks so pretty!" Mom seemed to like that so I'm going to try to remember it for next time I get in trouble.

4. I like to do things like Will. Since he likes to pretend to be other people, I do too. The other day when Mom went to get me up from my nap, I greeted her with "I am Will!" and a big smile. I later told her, "Meow, meow. I am a kitty cat!"

5. Grownup ladies - including Mom - say they are jealous of my wavy hair and highlights.

6. I like putting on makeup with Mama in the mornings.

7. Twice now I have gone under in a pool. I don't struggle. I just float with my face down in the water until Mom rescues me. This scares me a little, but it seems to freak Mom out way more.

8. I used to call my brother Wool. Now I call him "Bwee-ill". I scream this quite shrilly when he makes me mad. I don't usually get in trouble for this because it is usually justified and the way I say his name makes Mom and Dad laugh.

9. I am fairly disobedient. I rarely come when I am called unless there is something in it for me. I willfully continue behavior that Mom tries to correct. However, I have such a sweet and sunny personality, Mom and Dad find it hard sometimes to discipline me. Mimi says I am just like my Aunt Katie on this one.

10. I just took my first shower. I thought it was fun, and didn't want to get out. So I didn't, not for a long time (see #9).

11. I am a cuddlebug. I am very affectionate, and when I am tired I still like to curl up in Mom's arms with my head on her shoulder. She hopes it is a long time before I get too big for this.

12. I am good at breaking computers! On separate occasions and without even trying, I have managed to A) break the power port, which caused Daddy to have to take the computer apart into a million pieces, order a new one, and put it all back together weeks later, B) make the Enter key fall off, and C) take the cover off the mouse USB, which isn't supposed to be removable, multiple times. This talent plus my disregard for authority makes Mom think I might grow up to be a hacker.

13. During the time between when this post was started and when it was posted, I got put on crayon restriction.

(Here are my interior design skills, at work in Will's bedroom.)
Love to you all,