Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Bee's Room

Baby Bee's room is just about done. We're still going to change out the (dim) light fixture and hang his name over his bed. However, this requires deciding on a name, so that task may be a few weeks from completion.

This was previously a guest room and we wanted to keep the twin beds, since we fairly often have more than two houseguests at a time. We bunked the beds which left plenty of room for the new crib and changing table. Don't worry, out-of-town visitors - we'll move him out when we need the beds for family or friends (unless you just WANTED to volunteer for baby-duty)!

Between the reality of his room and his constant squirming, it's getting hard to deny that this is a real little person on his way into our family!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fathers' Day - Flanigan Style!

We aren't really huge celebrators of special days. It just doesn't always work, and since we're all on the same page regarding this (so far), no one seems to mind or get their feelings hurt.

Sometime within a week or two of Fathers' Day, we managed to present Andy with a gift he'd mentioned he wanted earlier: a set of camp chairs with attached ottomans. (By the way, somehow a small canvas ottoman seems to increase camp chair weight by about three-fold.)

Of course, the whole family (save the intelligent pregnant woman) had to try one out immediately - all at once. This picture was taken in the two minutes before the ottoman suddenly detached and hit the floor.

Whoops! Anyone want a very heavy camp chair with matching canvas... mat?