Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fathers' Day - Flanigan Style!

We aren't really huge celebrators of special days. It just doesn't always work, and since we're all on the same page regarding this (so far), no one seems to mind or get their feelings hurt.

Sometime within a week or two of Fathers' Day, we managed to present Andy with a gift he'd mentioned he wanted earlier: a set of camp chairs with attached ottomans. (By the way, somehow a small canvas ottoman seems to increase camp chair weight by about three-fold.)

Of course, the whole family (save the intelligent pregnant woman) had to try one out immediately - all at once. This picture was taken in the two minutes before the ottoman suddenly detached and hit the floor.

Whoops! Anyone want a very heavy camp chair with matching canvas... mat?

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Mindy said...

This is hilarious. Love it. :)