Monday, December 17, 2007

Hero or Zero?

Today we closed on this gem. It was awhile in the making as much paperwork was required. I was out on a limb with some of the decisions I made in an attempt to see this deal through. If we were not able to close, these decisions would have made me seem like a moron. The most interesting decision I was faced with was "loaning" a sibling of the previous owner $80.
I told Kathy that whether this deal went through determined whether I was a "Hero" or a "Zero". She was quick to correct me that the options were actually more like "Hero With A Burnt Out House" or "Negative Sixteen Hundred Bucks".
Anyway, the deal is done now... just in time to sit around and accrue interest though Christmas, perfect!
Oh yeah, there was a small fire at the home which will make the rehab challenging. Home sweet Home: Whispering Hills Drive. And we've yet to sell the Southlake house! Yikes!


Carris Family said...

I talked to mom so I knew you were struggling to get this "deal" to close, so I am really glad for you guys (I think) that everything went like you wanted, and you can now be the heroic proud owners of a such a gem! Molly

Amy said...

But that is an awesome tie hanging from the rafters.

Mimi F said...

Good thing you're on such good terms with the dumpster company...Looks like you're going to need a few of them for this "project". But I'm confident it will look great when you're done!

Can't wait to see you all soon.


Candice said...

I was going to comment on the lovely tie hanging from what could be called the ceiling. However, I was beat to it. Nuts!

I know that you guys will do a great job! I can't wait to see the pictures of progress!

Sara said...

I noticed the tie too...
Seriously, how do you have time for this? Two kids, part-time job, blogging, book reading, and hose rehab-ing...How do you do it all?