Friday, May 18, 2007

Counting Chickens...

Well, my most recent chick hatched 8 months ago, but apparently I still can't count on her. Since her amazing performance on Tuesday, Sophie's refused all milk products packaged in sippy cups, especially when offered by yours truly. However, she is still drinking a little juice from them, and seems content to nurse just two or three times each day. Until she either A) stops having wet diapers or B) starts panting, I've decided not to worry about it and I am just enjoying the increased freedom. She is still eating baby foods voraciously, so I'm mixing formula with them to trick her into consuming a little extra milk product.

We had a wonderful dinner tonight with our friends in McMinnville, Tim and Dana and their kiddos Samuel (aged nigh-unto-4, I think) and Laura Grace. Samuel is a sweetheart but that Laura Grace is T-R-O-U-B-L-E at just under a year. Her best (but not only!) stunt was to grab a gallon pitcher full of tea off the table and throw it on the floor just before we started to eat. A gallon of tea is A LOT when running across a dining room floor, we can all attest now. Besides the tea tsunami, there was also the tea splattered - and now running down - the walls, the broken Pampered Chef pitcher, and the likelihood of ants to come. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

Oh, a bit of advice to the writers of "The Office" (who I'm sure are faithful readers of my blog): Do NOT, under any circumstances, let Pam and Jim get together. The show may be ruined. Didn't you guys see Moonlighting?

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Carris Family said...

So, I HATED to spoil the sippy cup fun, but it continues to be a uphill battle for us too! The doctor told me to replace each feeding with 6-8 oz. of whole milk....IS HE CRAZY!? Zoe is lucky if she drinks 4 oz. a day!! I am still nursing her in at night though. I am really not too worried about her though, I figure if I offer it and she really NEEDS it, she will take it. My new mommy heart takes comfort in knowing God gave our bodies a hypothalmus which will force us to drink when we need it! Take heart, she is doing great, enjoy your freedom, she'll figure it out - if not her hypothalmus will take on her stubborn side, and win!