Monday, February 11, 2008

Where are my roof trusses? We could use them!

Well, I need to order my roof trusses. That will be Job One on Monday morning. The framers were so fast, I didn't get the engineering back in time to order them Friday. I need to order windows and shingles too. Anyway, all interior walls are complete and stairs are in. The framers rolled up at lunch time Saturday, having spent 2 1/2 days and completing what you see including the removal of the old roof. I'm impressed.

I spent Saturday working with my guys digging (by hand) the footing for the garage and spreading gravel. We also set 10 fence posts along the back of the lot for a privacy fence. I rented a backhoe to dig the footing for the new bigger front porch and electric and plumbing ditches to the garage.
Will rode with me Sunday afternoon while digging. He likes the backhoe! I also used the backhoe to remove some old fence posts set in concrete which had been cut off close to grade. They looked like they could have caused the demise of countless lawnmowers. And I removed some stumps and weedy trees at the foundation. I think I'm going to throw in the white flag on the garage concrete... more to come.

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Amy said...

He loves the backhoe and wears a candy necklace with style. I love a well-rounded child.