Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lincoln Log Bonanza

As I've mentioned, we do a lot of Lincoln Log construction at our house. In fact, most any day you can find a huge "building yard" of Lincoln Logs upstairs in the hallway, just waiting for inspiration to strike (or someone to step on them... ouch!).

A few weeks ago, Will and Grandma got carried away and built an entire Lincoln Log village. Grandma sets the bar way too high for me in so many ways...

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Carris Family said...

Those "stinkin'" grammie's, they ruin it for us mommies don't they??

Rob's mom has been here the last three days and she is the energizer bunny of playing with Zoe. Zoe will have a period of mourning when Teri leaves today and she loses her new best friend!! Molly