Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Fashion Consultant

I had no idea it would start this soon. Earlier this week, I walked out of my closet in a black top and jeans.

Sophie looked me over and advised, "Mama, don't wear dat shirt."

"You don't think I should wear it? Does it look bad?"

"Yeah, it look ba-ad. Wear sumpin else."

I decided she was probably right and disappeared back in the closet to find another option.


Anonymous said...

I wonder where she got that from...


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

Very sweet! Where was she the day that you wore two different shoes to work?

I hope Soph had a great birthday. Is there going to be a post soon of gift ideas from little Soph?

PS When I mail soph's gift, there will be a little familiar toy in there that you guys "accidentally" left in our house. I will give you a few hints about which toy it might never shuts has various shouts that it NEVER gets never runs out of talks at random times even when you look at it.....thank God it does have an on and off provides humor when you are having a heated discussion with your husband and it randomly goes off in the middle of one of your husbands points.....ANY GUESSES? I am sure that you and Andy are very upset, as well as soph and will that you left this little toy here, and I will be SURE to mail it with her gift!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I need one of those. I seriously do.