Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Typical Conversation With A Four-Year-Old With Perfect Hearing, According To His Pediatrician

I am looking at Amy's blog.

Will: Who is that? Is that Keaton?

Mom: No, that's Luke.

Will: Luke who? Luke Skywalker from Star Wars?

Mom: Does that *look* like Luke Skywalker?

Will: No.

Mom: It's my friend Amy's little boy.

Will: Whose little boy? Sara W*****'s little boy?

(Yes, Sara - he actually called you Sara W***** instead of Sarah Palin!)

Mom: No, Amy's little boy. Sara's little boy is named Camden...

Will: Sara's little boy is named what? Sandra?

Mom: No, Camden, and her baby's name is Scott.

Will: Oh.


Ashley Marie said...

haha! wow that was really confussing!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to assume it's ok to comment because we've officially met :)

First of all, your kids are adorable!

Second, I was reading your friends list and I'm friends with Rebekah Pharr! We were in grad school together. What a small world!

Gosh I use a lot of exclamation points. :D

Amy said...

We seriously have to get together. Sophie calls Luke "somebody" and Will thinks he's Luke Skywalker.

I'm bummed I missed you at Sara's toy party. We planned to go but just it just didn't work out. Maybe sometime the planets will align and neither of us will be working one day and Luke won't have school or therapy.

Unknown said...

How funny. That reminds me of a few conversations around here too. I admit I am a bit sad Will called me Sara W.... instead of Sarah Palin! :)