Saturday, February 7, 2009

Advice on Food Coloring

I thought I was making a rare in-road towards Mom Of The Year, not only cooking my kids a hot breakfast but also linking it to one of their favorite books. Little did I know that I was opening a can of worms, so to speak, since my little brood (do two qualify as a brood?) was not satisfied with mere GREEN eggs and ham.

So in case any of the rest of you have the type of kids that always want a little something extra, whose creativity in their requests knows no bounds, be forewarned:

1) "Blue" eggs turn out green again, since yellow + blue = green. I think multiple bottles of blue food coloring would be required to actually turn eggs blue.

2) "Purple" eggs are really more of a yucky brown.

3) Yellow eggs are pointless.

4) "Pink" eggs really turn out more orange. I'm sure you can figure out the legistics of why. Pinkish-orange eggs look really disgusting, like raw guts. (Or as someone else said, a little reassuringly, like shrimp.) Even I had trouble convincing myself that they really tasted the same as regular eggs.


Tracy said...

The green egg isn't as scary if you do them in a deviled egg style I learned. That's what I did for Sam's birthday party (Green Eggs & Ham theme). Not too sure what to think about the orangish/pinkish eggs :-)

The Pharrs said...

Wow! You have really outdone yourself. I better not show this to Kingston, or he will start wanting multi-colored eggs also!