Sunday, July 5, 2009


In America, we have music compilations called things like "Totally Hits" or "Wow" or "Now That's What I Call Music". We are so boring.

Other countries have compilations with titles like this:

1. Australia: Songs For My Ute. Not sure if means "Songs For My Native American" or "Songs for My Gas-Guzzling SUV".

2. Australia: Housework Songs II - Spring Clean Edition

3. Germany: Flugzeuge Im Bau (translates "Airplanes in the building")

4. Germany: Wahnsinns Villa (tranlates to "Insanity Mansion" - I'm guessing "Crazy House" is more the intent here)

5. Germany: Black And Beautiful

6. South Africa: Hillbilly Opskop (does anyone know what Opskop means? I've googled it and can't find a definition, although it seems to be either "party" or "concert".)

7. UK: O Sister Where Art Thou

8. UK: Handbags

9. UK: Ultimate Smoochy Album

10. UK: Murder On The Dancefloor

And my personal favorite...

11. UK: Best Dance Album In The World Ever (Vol. 13)

(Incidentally, my employer has licensed tracks for use in each of these stellar releases.)

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