Monday, April 12, 2010

No need to check for this one!

It had been a challenging visit to Target with the kids already, for which I take most of the responsibility since a) it was my idea and b) it was about 9 pm. We were just finishing up our trip by picking out new drinking glasses, when Will just sank to the floor, due to a combination of fatigue and frustration at his material desires going unfulfilled.

Sophie immediately fell on top of him. This seemed to me to be primarily just to be irritating, but she was also suffering from the same combination of afflictions as her brother. As we from the deep South might say, she was 'on him like white on rice'.

"Aarrggh! Get her off me!" he cried as he struggled to get away from her. "She's... she's like a TICK!"

My frustration and embarrassment at their antics dissolved into giggles. We quickly made our final selections and left.

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Anonymous said...

A tick! Hilarious. That kid's a trip. :-)