Saturday, May 19, 2007


So Will has an imaginary friend who makes occasional appearances at our house, mostly when we are at the swing in the backyard. His name, inexplicably, is Spoono. Sometimes Spoono seems to be a baby like Sophie, but at other times I am told that he is a big boy. Also, Spoono has a on-and-off partner in crime named (what else?) Sporno. They must be quite small and also good friends as they often swing together. There are a million questions I could ask Will about these characters, beginning with the origins of their names (if anyone has their own ideas, let me know). However, I'm trying to resist creating an artificial legend and so I try to neither encourage or discourage their character development (although I secretly think it's quite cute).


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

That is a super-cute picture of Will. We miss you guys, especially Will and all of his sillyness around here. I hope he enjoys his friends...but I do noy have a clue where those names might have come from. We love the blog and we are happy to be able to keep up with you guys...great job with the posts.
Dan & Katie

Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

Okay, I officially LOVE this picture!!!!! Dan and I will try to call sometimes this week to talk to you guys! We miss little Will's voice!!!

Aunt Katie

Doug, Shelly, Ava and Liam said...

How hilarious is that? Spoono and Sporno? Are they Italiano? :-) They sound so mighty! I love it!

We can't wait to hang-out with you guys at the beach (aka Puke-Fest 2007)! Let's hope we all contain ourselves this year? :-)

Dreaming of Destin,