Monday, April 14, 2008

Long-term planning

(I wrote this at the beginning of April, but didn't get a chance to post before we left on vacation):

Here is the transcript of a conversation I had with Will this morning:

Will: How long will it be until I'm as old as my daddy?


Will: Is that a long time?

Mom: Yes. By then you might be married and have babies. Do you think so?

Will: Yes.

Mom: And what do you think your job will be?

Will: [BIG smile] Workin' with my daddy!!!

Mom: Where do you think you will live?

Will: I will live at Whispering Hills.

Mom: How many babies will you have?

Will: Four!

Mom: Will they be boys or girls?

Will: Two will be boys and two will be girls.

I also suggested some potential mates for him, but he liked the sound of all of them and didn't seem ready to narrow the list down quite yet.

So we've got that all mapped out now. We're sitting on the couch watching Bob the Builder and I just got a little three-year-old arm tossed casually over my shoulder while I typed. In spite of the rain, I'm enjoying one of my first mornings at home in a long time!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! I got a similarly big smile reading about his career plans with his daddy!!

Love, MOM