Monday, April 28, 2008

Zoo With Aunt Sylvia

We had a great time with Aunt Sylvia when she visited a week or so ago. Here are some pictures from our trip to the zoo (aka Nashville's coolest playground). Those of you that are local know that the Nashville Zoo is not so much about the animals but about the Jungle Gym, or at least for my kids!

Did you notice Will's pants are on backwards? Since he is starting to help dress himself and can use the bathroom independently (well, sometimes, if you know what I mean...), we don't quibble about these details.

OK, that picture is rotated on its side. But I thought it was cuter that way. Sophie LOVED the lizard, which is what she is crawling through in the picture above.

We also loved the sweet goat that is trustworthy enough to just sit in a field full of kids and allow all body parts to be groomed by toddlers. That's some tame goat! But Soph thought the brushes made great footwear.

And here's where Will asks the goat what in the world she is thinking, letting all these crazy kids poke at her!


Anonymous said...

Hi, we really had fun. Thanks for sharing the zoo with me. Much love! Aunt Sylvia

vergne said...

Cute pictures! I had to laugh when I saw Will's pants but I know what you mean about encouraging independence. That's good that the goat is so docile.