Thursday, December 4, 2008


I completely spoil my kids at naptime. We read five books and then lounge around in bed together. Sometimes I fall asleep along with them. I always feel guilty during my nap and afterward, because naptime is the only time I have to get things done without the kids. Accomplishing financial (computer) tasks and work check-ins is particularly crucial during naptime.

The other day, I was feeling guilty while lying on the top bunk with Will snoring softly beside me while Sophie slept peacefully on the bottom bunk. As usual, there was not only a whole house to clean, but also lots of smaller jobs waiting for me.

In my semiconscious state, I started to realize that this nap was possibly the best use of my time available. Sometimes, moms need to recharge along with their kids. More importantly, for once I felt deeply the swift passing of time and wanted to soak up this hour, so close to these two little sweet souls that I love so deeply. That moment is the closest I've ever come to understanding the wistful way older parents tell us to enjoy these "little years".

So here's to living guilt-free in the moment... and sometimes sleeping in it that way too!


Anonymous said...

How insightful!! Perhaps now you can better understand the perspective from which grandparents view the passage of time, how fleeting it can be, and why I try to maximize every minute of every visit! So nap on, sweet Kathy, and soak up every precious moment...totally guilt-free!!

Love, Mimi

Carris Family said...

So true! I think I read probably 20 different books yesterday 20 times each while the 20 million other things I needed to get done waited. While sitting with sweet Zoe in my lap, I treasured each sweet giggle and puffy breath. These days are precious!!

It is somewhat ironic though cause I just got Zoe down to nap and was going to give you a call and try and catch you when you had a free minute too...I will find another time! Molly

Tracy said...

I totally agree! I did the same thing yesterday afternoon. As soon as I put Sam down, I crashed on the couch for a couple hours. It was the best couple hours wasted in a long time!

Amy said...

I'm a big spoiler at bedtime too. Lots of books and snuggling. But pretty soon they aren't going to want to. So soak it up.
Besides, we wasted plenty of time napping in college and we still graduated!