Saturday, December 6, 2008

Will-Bear and Sophie-Bear

I hate long children's books. I have tried to make a pile to hide stealthily away, deep in the storage closet, but somehow the pile never makes it deep enough, fast enough, and the books get put away again in Will's room.

The Berenstain Bears are a particular thorn in my side. I like the ones that rhyme, but the non-rhyming ones are forever long. I also think the series portrays fathers in a particularly negative and somewhat disrespectful light.

So tonight, I was saddened to see "The Berenstain Bears Get The Gimmies" at the top of the reading pile. A few pages in, I realized I could amuse myself by substituting "Will-Bear" for "Brother" and "Sophie-Bear" for "Sister".

Will didn't like this at all, since the cubs act quite bratty in the book. In fact, he thought I was jeopardizing the opinion of someone of superior importance to him right now.

With alarm, he cried, "Mom, stop!!! SANTA CLAUS IS GOING TO HEAR YOU!"

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Amy said...

I loved the Berenstain Bears when I was little. They're still a little bit long for Luke to enjoy. But he's been asking me to watch Berenstain Bears on TV all the time lately. . . I can only think he saw it at school. So, all that to say, we watched one about junk food the other day and I commented to Lamar how negative it was about the dad. Almost made him a peer with the kids.