Friday, April 24, 2009

A Horrific Facebook Revelation

Andy Flanigan:
Can somebody explain to me how the center flap on the tissue paper public toilet cover deals is suppose to work? (Emily please disregard as I know you don't EVER enter a public restroom)

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You like this.

Blake ****** at 9:08pm April 19
always pull down not up with a beautifully folded point in the middle.

Emily ****** at 9:13pm April 19
Are you blaming me?? I don't have to deal with these issues! I think Blake MUST be going to some high-falutin' restrooms if he has seen "beautifully folded points"

Holly ***** at 9:23pm April 19
The center flap is supposed to ever so gently fall into the water of the commode. Then when you flush, the water should pull the tissue paper cover into the bowl swirling it into a watery vortex and then down the pipes... without you having to kick or push it in. *Of course that's all theory, since it doesn't always work.* ;)

Paige ****** at 9:25pm April 19
I miss you Andy Flanigan...your thoughts crack me up!

Kathy Morris Flanigan at 9:23am April 20
I am so, so disturbed that you are NOW asking for instructions on this, after how many years of taking our kids to the potty???

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Anonymous said...

This is too funny! I am also curious as to why this question is just now being posed. Andy, you've obviously gotten along just fine up to this point. Why now?