Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Sophie-isms

Sophie has become quite entertaining to be around lately, so I decided to compile a post of some of our conversations. However, I have a feeling some of these were funnier in person than when translated to print.

1. Sophie needs to go to bed and has assembled an outfit of fleece pajamas, her tutu (aka Ballerina) and pink crocs. (She tried to add her leotard on top but apparently realized that wasn't feasible.) She is also extremely tired due to missing her nap today.

Mom: Sophie, you need to take off your "Ballerina" and your crocs.

Sophie dissolves into tears as she pulls off her crocs. "But I don't want to take off my Ballerina. It's not hurting anytang!"

2. Sophie is using her sweetest little-girl voice this morning.

Sophie: Hi, Stinky Will.

Will: I'm not Stinky! I'm going to tell Mom.

Sophie (ever so sweetly): Yes you are. You are Stinky Will.

Will: MOM....!

Then, that evening:

Sophie: Hi, Yucky Will. You are Yucky Will.

Will: MOM....!

(I know she is being awful and I shouldn't laugh, but she is so tiny to be such a purposefully irritating sibling!)

3. Sophie has just woken up and is groggy.

Sophie: Mama, I am not happy.

Mama: That's terrible news. Why aren't you happy?

Sophie: I am not happy because my dream blowed away.

4. I am getting the kids ready for bed, and Sophie is using the bathroom. Will is trying to explain, in his ever-so-wise way, the difference between boys and girls. (This could be a whole separate post, but it's a little graphic, so I'm not sure how appropriate it is for sharing.)

Will: Sophie, listen!

Sophie: I don't want to listen. I AM BUSY PEE-PEEING!

Will: Sophie, please listen.

Sophie: No! I am busy using the potty!

5. Sophie (putting her arm around me affectionately): Mama, you are my best friend!

6. We're leaving Publix when I see a sample lady with a table covered in carrot cake samples.

Mom: Sophie, would you like some cake?

Sophie considers, then agrees. (Sophie always carefully considers whether she wants food before she takes it. She doesn't get this from me!)

Sophie, saving her cake and holding the ends of the napkin so that the cake swings in the middle: It's a snack bag. I am saving it for the car.

Mom: OK.

Then in the car, as Sophie unwraps her treasure...

Sophie: It is so nice that that lady is there with cake!

7. Sophie is playing with her Barbie, who is wearing a Snow White dress. I'm not even sure how she knows what Snow White's dress looks like, much less the story of Snow White.

Sophie: Mama, you know what happened to Snow White? The prince come'd kissed her. And the prince come'd hugged her!

8. Sophie sees the strawberries in the fridge. "Mama! I want some LIBRARIES!"

9. Unfortunately, Sophie has thrown up in the middle of the night and is scared and upset. Fortunately, she hasn't been sick much so she isn't sure what has happened. Once she is cleaned up, she starts to calm down and relax. "Mama, I need some medicine to keep me from doing THE BAD THING."

10. Later that day, we are still concerned about her.

Mom: Sophie, how are you feeling?

Sophie: Dood. I'm feelin' MUCH BEDDER.


Mindy said...

Oh my goodness. She is so precious!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Sophie-isms, but they are really so much cuter in person. I can hardly wait to come visit again.