Friday, May 13, 2011

Evan Update - Seven Months

Oh... my... goodness. You might think after having two kids, the third would be less enjoyable, somehow. Like the new had worn off and you'd seen it all before. Or like you'd already reached a certain level of complete chaos and adding a baby to the mix would just be more stressful.

You might think these things.
You would be *so* wrong.
Evan adds so much joy to my life. I'm sure the other kids probably adored me at 7 months, but I can no longer remember them gasping with delight when I walked into the room.

I can barely remember tickling them until they cackled and could barely breathe. Watching them reach out their arms to be picked up for the first time. Learning to feed themselves puffs (aka Baby Crack). Giving me slobbery, open-mouthed kisses on the cheek.

Whether it is the first, the last, somebody in between or someone else's entirely, there is just nothing like a baby, nothing like realizing how quickly it goes by and what amazing potential lies in those sweet little blue eyes.

I love you, Evan Andrew.


stan, tasha, isabella and gabrielle said...

Love it...and him too!

Stephanie said...

What a doll baby! And I love your nickname for puffs. Ain't it the truth! ;)

Gayle Flanigan said... I almost drove straight to the airport so I could see those blue eyes in person. He is a cutie pie. What a sweet post!