Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Little Sof-a-Rof!

I think Sophie had a wonderful birthday. We were lucky to have Papa and Grandmom Morris extend their visit so they could share the day with us. This took considerable effort on the part of Papa, as unforeseen events kept calling him back to Georgia.

Grandmom suggested that we should have pizza for dinner, since that's Sophie's current favorite food. Here she attacks it with her usual good-natured vigor.
She was a little less enthusiastic about the cake. It interested her, but she didn't seem to realize it was meant to be consumed. I don't think her sweet tooth is in yet (which would stand to reason since she only has two in total).
The party hat makes a great trumpet!
Soph talks on her new cell phone. "Hey dare! Hey dare!"
Sophie poses by her new clothes from Grandpa Jim.
Soph hugs one of her new twin dollies. We're not sure of their names yet, but we think they are "Anna" and "Dede".
We're not quite up to THAT birthday yet.
Since the weather was beautiful, we were able to meet Daddy in the park for lunch and swing. Other than swinging, Soph's favorite park activity is filling up a cup with recycled-tire-mulch, dumping it out, and then filling up the cup again.
Will pushes Sophie in the swing. This is extra-exciting for everyone involved, as we never know what might happen next.
"Birthdays are the coolest! I love you all!" - Sophie


vergne said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie! Glad that she had a fun b-day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pic's of Sophie's birthday. Glad everyone had a good time. Looking forward to seeing you soon.SH