Thursday, September 6, 2007

Porterhouse, please!

I just want to warn any perspective suitors to start saving their money now. Don't bank on her ordering a $6.95 dinner salad - you'd be wiser to plan on the $25 steak. Sophie may look delicate, but in terms of diet, she has more in common with a tiger than a bird or a bunny. The girl is a born carnivore!

I was surprised, as Will was and still is a bit slow to acquire a taste for meat. We had to start with quasi-meats like hot dogs and Krystal burgers and work our way up to steak and chicken. So after Sophie's 9-month appointment, I didn't really factor her in to our next trip to Chic-Fil-A. But after two of my nuggets (torn into small pieces of course) vanished and she still looked eager, I realized she was a force to be reckoned with!


vergne said...

Our Sophie likes to eat too. That's funny! I guess she's just a growing girl. Maybe she's trying to keep up with her big brother too!


Amy said...

Could this mean you will be forced to buy her a meal plan when she goes to college? She would just love steak night at Marriott.