Friday, September 14, 2007

My Rock Star Hair

I've been going to SalonFX for a while, but I still haven't found the right stylist. I really didn't like my last haircut, and in spite of sweet Katie's efforts at "at-home" improvement, it was still time for a change. So today I made my appointment, and instead of a known stylist, I chose the always-exciting Curtain #3.

Behind Curtain #3 was a very talented young lady named Nan. To the left you see Nan. The black-and-white picture does not quite do her justice. It camoflauges the fact that her extensions (which are only on the sides and not the back of her head) are a vibrant orange. The rest of her hair is short and deep red, except for her blond bangs. She looks quite trendy and is very sweet.

And she's opinionated. I've always wanted an opinionated stylist - someone who takes one look at you and says, "Here's what I want to do to your hair..." Nan had a plan!

Also, she was trained at an Aveda salon. I don't care much for Aveda products (I am cheap and they are not, after all!), but this means she gives little neck massages when you first sit down and when she is washing your hair. I'm all for neck massages. If you'll give me a brief neck massage, I will ignore outward signs that you are way punk and I am not. I will suspend all judgment and allow you to do whatever you like with my hair.

So in spite of the fact that I had gone in only for a haircut, when Nan started espousing the wonders of the new color process they'd just come out with, I was putty in her hands. "This will enrich and deepen your color, and increase your shine SO MUCH!" Nan explained. Who doesn't like enrichment and shine? How could I refuse? AND she offered me a discount since I hadn't planned on color. If her neck massage hadn't already left me completely pliable, the discount would've certainly done it.

So I let Nan, a punk chick I had never met before, color my hair at first sight. No pictures, no test strands. By the time we were finished, she'd decided (and I of course concurred) to highlight my hair for free as well, although I think this was actually in lieu of the discount.

Nan did a fantastic job cutting my hair. She gave me the cut I'd been wanting, but everyone else was afraid to give me. I love that.

Now for the catch: My hair is now several varying shades of intense, fire-engine red. She tried to explain that the lights were just very intense in SalonFX, and almost had me convinced my hair was normal and not punk-rock, maybe even a color that appears in nature.

Then I got back to my office. When everyone I ran into had the same reaction, I began to suspect that I was in trouble. That reaction was a dropped jaw, an intake of breath and an impressed "Wow!" Tanya thought she was seeing a new side of my personality, since I was so conservative. I tried to explain that this had nothing to do with my personality and everything to do with Nan's.

The silver lining is that this is not permanent color, thank goodness. And I'd actually recommend Nan, especially if you're looking for a change. I'll go back to her, but next time I will reel her in a little more. And maybe ask for a picture of the color she proposes in advance.

This picture is after several days and four or five vigorous shampoos (the lather continues to be orange each time). The shade has faded to a more acceptable color. If I'd had any hope I'd be able to fade the color this fast, I would've been sure to take a picture on Day 1, so you could all have a good laugh at my expense.

PS Andy calls this my Mary Winkler haircut. I'm not exactly sure how to take that.


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

I think it is a very cute style. Glad you found someone you like!

Happy Birthday to little Soph! We have a gift to mail this weekend. Hope she had a great birthday. I can't believe she is one already!!

Candice said...

You are very brave!! I'm not sure that I would have let Nan do whatever she dreamed up to me. I love the little massage that I get during my shampoo at the salon though. I can easily see where you would have been distracted and agree to most anything. :)

In the picture, your hair looks really nice. I wish that I could have seen you day 1 since I don't think you look bad.

What did Jeff say about your hair when you initially returned to the office?

Unknown said...

I may need to visit Nan myself, although I will probably refuse the color since yours didn't turn out to your liking. I have always wanted to go to someone who would just TELL me what kind of cut would work for me. I have NEVER liked my hair. I think yours looks great, by the way!

Amy said...

I love the cut and the color in the picture. But it's hard to tell on my very dark monitor exactly the shade. I'm impressed you go to Salon FX. I used to go there but it got too expensive for me. I always got great cuts from the guy I saw there, but I too was not pleased with the color. That was before I gave up highlighting. Good for you being brave! My best cuts have come from me letting the stylist have free reign.

Anonymous said...

As Will might say: I very completely love your Home Depot hair tut! Can't wait to see it in person next week.

Doug, Shelly, Ava and Liam said...

I absolutely LOVE the cut AND the color! Go on with your sassy-self! (If I had the guts I would go bright flaming red!) I had to laugh when I saw Andy called it the "Mary Winkler" cut...

How fun!

Happy first to Soph, too!


vergne said...

Your haircut looks really cute! I can't exactly tell about the color. It is neat when they have some opinions about the cut, etc. You really were brave! It's hard to say no when people start throwing in discounts.

Anonymous said...

I guess its a good thing you don't know how to load and or use a shot gun......


mybe sophie loves her aunt anna so much she named her doll after me..