Friday, October 26, 2007

One (or two) small steps for Rof-kind

So Soph-a-Rof is finally figuring out that she too is meant to travel vertically on only two legs. We've thought she was on the verge of walking for a couple of months, but I guess it took her a while to realize that this accomplishment was within her grasp. A few nights ago, Andy and I started standing her up in between us and watching her Step-Step-Fall into the other parent's arms. Now comes the really fun part where we "catch" her taking off on her own. Her little grin of excitement and delight when she takes a few steps is incomparably more rewarding than the attainment of the milestone. She gets it.

Sometimes I think she understands way too much. Today we were at the mall, kids in their side-by-side double stroller while I trolled the sale racks. Will was asleep (hallelujah!) and reclined, while Sophie happily pulled at whatever merchandise was within her reach. She soon tired of that and I saw a mischievious look in her eye. Without warning, she lunged for The Sleeping Giant's hands. "No Soph!" I exclaimed. She looked at me and grinned and scrunched her little nose in classic Sophie fashion. Then a moment later, POW! Another grab at Will's hands! "No ma'am!" Then... "Unh! Unh!" accompanied by outstretched arms and writhing.

Translation: "OK, Mom... I'm bored. I can either wake up Brother and watch the havoc this will create for you, which is sure to entertain, or you can pick me up and hold me while you shop. It's your choice."

Of course, I chose the latter.

Score one more for the Soph-a-Rof.

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Carris Family said...

Yeah for Sophie! You go girl! By the time I see you next you are going to be running circles around Will! Molly