Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Southlake, Day... um... 53?

By the time I post pictures of the Southlake house, they are out of date, but this is a good thing!
You may notice a subtle difference in the house's exterior...

Ta-Da! Awesome new cabinets. (I have to add that they have crown molding on them now, not yet pictured. I am a firm believer in crown molding above cabinets!)
Just because we think they're pretty, the countertops are shown below. They were not yet installed and just sitting up against the wall when the picture was taken. We use so many of the same tried-and-true products and colors in our remodels, it was exciting to try a new countertop pattern!
Bathroom vanity. Woo-hoo! (But next time, please wipe your hands.)
Living room...
Since the pictures were taken, besides the cabinet crown molding, much of the other trim has been installed. The shutters are up. Most of the light fixtures are in, minus a couple we haven't purchased yet. (There's a long and sordid tale about a missed opportunity on a demo ceiling fan from Lowe's that was supposed to go in the dining room, but I won't get into that now. The wound's still fresh.)

Still to do: Finish electrical and trim. Paint trim. Refinish hardwoods. Tile bathroom and grout both bathrooms and kitchen. Plumbing trim-out. Andy's not here right now or I'm sure the list could continue.

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