Monday, October 29, 2007

Pics From Paradise

We didn't get a lot of good pictures at the beach this year. I suppose that part of the reason was that we were constantly either chasing or lugging children around, but that's a bit of a copout. I fear the novelty of the blog is wearing off - not that I'm losing interest in posting, but the inspiration it gave me to do a better job with pictures is fading.

I did want to document that Sophie has one of the cutest little bathing suits in the history of mankind, and also that she didn't like the sand. Thank goodness for the beach blanket and that she was somewhat entertained by banging around an empty or near-empty bucket and sand shovel. Once that activity got old, she was either crying or looking miserable and drifting off to sleep in my lap.

Will, on the other hand, was pretty enthusiastic about the sand and the beach in general, which was nice to see!

Now that Sophie's turned one, we've decided to let her start wearing makeup. Next year maybe we'll get her a perm and teach her to shave her legs.
I had to post this picture just to show I don't always look as weird as in the one above.



Amy said...

Please do not quit blogging! You're one of my very favorites. Also, I'm so impressed you can put make-up on with Sophie in your lap. And I should have known you'd be the one to appreciate my blog titles. The other night at church we sang, "Who saved us from eternal Who but God's son upon the What did he . . . ." I remembered our lovely renditions of that in Elam.

Unknown said...

Ha ha. Amy's comment made me laugh! Anyway, great pictures. And I love the Halloween costumes. And I also second Amy - don't stop blogging. You're too funny!

vergne said...

I like reading your blog! That cracked me up about Sophie already learning to put on make-up and that next year she'd learn to shave, etc. She looked very cute in her bathing suits even if she wasn't too happy. That's good that Will enjoyed it at least.