Sunday, November 4, 2007

That's Just The Way The World Was Made

We are in the days of "Why?" and "How?" and "Why not?" with Will. It can be exasperating but sometimes rewarding. I try to give reasonable and accurate answers, but I am usually reduced to some trivance like, "That's just the way it is." I can tell that others who interact with Will on a regular basis (Andy, Emily, etc.) are in the same boat.

About a week ago, Will decided that it is time to stop wearing Pull-ups to bed. I support this in theory, but in practice it's a lot more work for me right now. (We've since abandoned the idea for the moment and will try again in a few weeks.) His first night was successful. The second night we weren't so lucky. So at 4 AM I was upstairs stripping and re-sheeting Will's bed. (Later I found a beach hat in the bed wrapped under the sheets I'd put on at 4 AM. Whoops. It might be time to organize the closet.) I laid down with him to settle him back down after the upheaval.

Will: Why isn't my music on?

Mom: It went off.

Will: Some person came in and turned it off.

Mom [kind of creeped out that he would think this and say it so matter-of-factly]: No, it just goes off after it's finished playing all the music.

Will: Why?

Mom: It just does.

Will [resigned]: Yes, because that's just the way the world was made. That's just the way God made it. And the people. And the men. And the ladies. And the boys and the babies.

Mom: Yes. Let's be quiet now, OK?

Will: I want you to turn my music on. I'm ready for you to go.

Mom [thinking YIPPEE!!! and feeling like she's just won Powerball]: OK. Good night!


Emily said...

I don't know about you, but Will and I have spent countless hours on the internet researching the precise answers to his questions. What a lazy mom!! Just kidding. By the way, Keaton now says "Fog you" for thank you courtesy of Will.

Anonymous said...

Kids are too funny. Our Sophie asks lots of questions too and it can drive you crazy! I understand the changing sheets in the middle of the night thing as I did it just the other night myself. Very hard when they want some specific object and you can't see very well (and you're not very awake) while trying to find it.

Glad Will had a Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to understand. Kathy is getting what she deserves with the WHY stuff!!! She was the WHYingest kid I have EVER seen!!!! She drove us CRAZY for several years. I have net sympathy whatsoever!!! LOLOLOL