Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yet Another Anecdote

I'm glad to hear some others out there appreciate Will's commentary. Here's another recent conversation:

Mom: This is the last book. (We have a big announcement about the last book each night to prepare Will for my upcoming departure from his bed.)

Will: I don't want that to be the last book. I'm going to find you another one. I want the one about Andy. (This is a book called Andy's Pirate Ship. It's a Spot-The-Difference book where you try to figure out what Andy's taken from each room. It's very difficult, even for grownups, but Will loves the story and ESPECIALLY that the little boy is named Andy.)

...[Much searching and disheveling of the already-chaotic room ensues]...

Will: But I can't find it. The trick-or-treaters came up to my room and took it away.

Mom: What???

Will [matter-of-factly]: On Halloween the trick-or-treaters came up to my room. They didn't have any books and they said let's take some books... they said let's take JUST A TINY BIT OF BOOKS from this nice red-headed boy.


Candice said...

I truly love the Will-isms. Please keep them coming! He has such an imagination! I'm totally stealing his idea of the trick-or-treaters stealing his book. I'm going to use that on Thomas next time he asks me where something is located! Great!!

Unknown said...

HIGH-larious! So glad you are recording these. And I'm pretty sure Sophie is the cutest little girl I've seen in a long time. Love the angel wings!