Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't Forget About Me!

I PROMISE I will post an update soon! I don't want to lose my few precious readers. My big secret is that all along when I was posting every two or three days, it was because I would sit down once a week or so and get several posts ready at once. Then I posted them throughout the week, hassle-free. Now I am at a standstill because I don't have any relevant drafts stowed away and I absolutely have not been able to find time to write any. I have a backlog of topics ready if I can just find time to write! This is a priority for me this week, so please don't stop checking back on me!

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Carris Family said...

As long as you can guarantee I will get to hear all about Will's Skiing Adventure's (now that he's "3 and potty trained"), I promise to keep reading! Your faithful reader! Molly