Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thanks a lot, Vic!

First of all, I hope you all had a merry Christmas and that your new year is off to a fantastic start. I've enjoyed getting caught up on all of my friends' blogs and I appreciate all of your posts. Thanks to my brother Vic for the kick in the pants needed to make me write a new post.

Thanks to my sister-in-law Katie from whom I blatantly stole the above Annual Christmas Picture. (She's busy trying to deliver a baby, so I was confident she wouldn't have time to prosecute.) We had a wonderful time in Michigan. One of the overlooked benefits to having kids, I think, is that we don't overschedule ourselves as much these days, so we have flexibility to do awesome and cool things like go to a Lions game at the drop of a hat (thanks again, Dan!!!). We also end up spending more relaxed time with family. (Or maybe I'm just relaxing because for once someone else is sharing the responsibility of looking after my kids!)

I've been thinking of my little blog world a lot lately, but I haven't found much time to compose my latest open letter to the world at large. Several things have interferred (i.e, Top 5 Excuses For Not Blogging For Nearly Three Weeks):

1. The holidays - and the effect they had on my house - were not properly factored into my plans. And by "effect" I mean influx of massive chaos and extreme overload of toys. (Not that we are not appreciative of the gifts, but it has been a bit overwhelming.) And this even though we didn't have any Christmas celebration at my house at all!

2. I've been very industriously and lucratively selling my time and efforts on eBay. (Selling time and effort as opposed to ski coupons, because it turns out that selling coupons is illegal. Ah, details!) In so doing, I'm attempting to finance my Steamboat ski pass for our vacation next week. Ideally, I'd finance both mine and Andy's but DANG, Steamboat is expensive! More details may follow on this subject.

3. I've been working a lot at my "real" job to try to get ready for vacation and deal with certain challenges there. I won't bore anyone with the details in this post but you never know, I may need to pontificate on the subject later.

4. You've seen our new, ahem, "investment property". It has required a lot of Andy's time and hence, a lot more of my time has been devoted to childcare. We've also spent considerable time together trying to finalize a workable floor plan for the project.

5. We had a great visit just after Christmas with my OTHER big brother (not the one that issued the kick-in-the-pants directive, although I'm sure this one would've been glad to do the same) and his wonderful family. We shopped til we dropped, Spaghetti-Factoried, and shopped some more. (Can you tell his family is dominated by females?) It was really nice to spend some time with like-minded girls, as I'd almost forgotten the fine art and joy of a good, meandering shopping trip, since I am usually flying solo with two pint-sized stowaways. It was also terrific to spend some time with my brother, who hadn't been to visit us since 1999 or 2000!

Now we are looking forward with much anticipation to our trip to Steamboat this week. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you have better things to do or find my posts boring), this will mean another delay between postings. But bear with me (especially you, Vic!) as I do hope to post more regularly. I have a backlog of topics on my mind, the challenge is finding time to put together a halfway decent and cohesive post. (I know I failed miserably with this one, but I had a lot of gaps to bridge!)

Peace, love and fresh powder,



Anonymous said...

Thank you! The withdrawal symptoms are subsiding now....

I'll try to stay out of detox long enough for you to go on your ski trip!



Anonymous said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! I just told mom to express my disappointment to you that you have not blogged in soooo long!!I check this almost every day, hoping to find some new and exciting perspective on the world (and expand my vocabulary in the process---pontificate, is that really a word???????)