Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hidden Treasure

By my count, Oak Hill Manor is the fourth house we've purchased full of junk.

After our first purchase, I had great hope that there would be large quantities of drug money hidden somewhere in the house.

With our second house, my hope for cash was diminished. But we did inherit a nice stacked washer/dryer set and an antique table.

Our third house was um, well-done, so other than about $40 in unused stamps, some scale-model Nascars and some old baseball cards, all of which smelled like campfire, there was nothing salvagable.

When we purchased OHM, we knew the family of the owner had ample opportunity to remove any valuables, and based on our past experiences, hope for treasure was dim. After going through several rooms, I was quite convinced that there was nothing of value in the house. The last room we attacked was the kitchen. Still nothing. Then, as I was going through the last cabinet, I pulled out a stack of plates and bowls. Some envelopes fell down from behind the plates. Inside was $1,800... Social Security checks.

I had to laugh. We finally find our treasure and it's non-negotiable! If only she'd cashed them before hiding them in her secret stash...

(In case anyone is concerned, the checks are out of date, but we are going to return them to the family in case they can get them reissued.)

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