Monday, June 2, 2008

What does your mail say about you?

I checked the mail at Oak Hill Manor (OHM) for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

From all I can tell (based on mail and magazines found inside the house), no one has lived in the main house since 2006. I believe the owner, an elderly widow, lived there until then, when she moved to a nursing home. In the meantime, her son was renting out the Treehouse to others. As mentioned earlier, we knew there was an eviction and there was a note on the side door of the main house demanding that the Treehouse tenant stop using an extension cord to pull electricity from the main house to power the entire Treehouse.

So here is the mail I found:

1) Two love letters to someone in jail, which has been returned to sender and resent to OHM. Girlfriend actually sounded pretty cool, and was urging her man to stay off drugs and commit to a sober life like she had. She also warned him she was going to need "hours and hours of spoonage." Ick.

2) A bill for a tuberculosis test for said Girlfriend at the Metro Health Department. Again, ick.

3) A letter from Metro to a third party, explaining that due to his habitual moving violations, he had to attend 8-hour traffic school.

4) A postcard from the Criminal Court Clerk to a fourth party, demanding payment for $12,800 in court costs.

Obviously the Treehouse has hosted some real winners!


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

Well I guess I am an "ick"-y guy too. I had to go get a TB test for school...but it returned negative, so I am clean! Maybe the girlfriend was just trying to get into educa....ok, just wishful thinking probably. Dan

Carris Family said...

The real question is what does it the mail say about you... seeing as you represent the new "tenants" - in a long string of "winners!"? I have to say we still get mail for the owners of the house like 6 owners back...drives me crazy!! Molly

Kathy said...

For the record, I just want to state that the hours of spoonage is WAY ickier than the TB test, which I understand healthcare workers (and apparently schoolteachers) have to get periodically...!

Tracy said...

Maybe these guys were tenants of mine at one time. Sounds familiar. Glad I'm not in the property management world right now :-)

Amy said...

I love it that you read the love letters. I totally would have too.
And great photos. You're getting really good with the camera.