Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Investing in Angelo

I answered the door last Sunday. We were trying to get out the door to church, and things were kind of crazy when the doorbell rang, so I didn't have time to be suspicious and wonder who the heck was on our porch and why.

I opened the door to find a very sweaty young man trying to sell magazines. Angelo works for the evil marketing company that doesn't *really* sell magazines, they sell earnest young Angelo with his "working papers" and prepared speeches to make you feel obliged to give them money. They want you to buy yourself a pat on the back for helping this underprivileged young adult, keeping him off the street by buying things you don't need. And if you don't, you feel guilty because you are saying you don't care if he is unsuccessful and ends up on the street.

Don't try to fool me. This is charity, and if I want to donate to your charity, I will. But I expect a tax deduction. And I'll buy magazines if and when I want to. I see no point in mixing the two.

So although I didn't buy any magazines, I do have to say Angelo had the best opening line I've heard:

"Is your Mom or Dad available?"

Andy insisted on capturing my appearance upon opening the door so you could judge for yourself whether Angelo was earnest in his question.


Carris Family said...

Hysterical! I actually got..."I'd like to speak to the homeowner" " live here?" when I opened the door to a salesperson last week. Molly

Doug, Shelly, Ava and Liam said...

I love it! How funny. Can you send Angelo my way? ;-) (But I would have to agree with him. :-)

Hope you guys are doing well!


Tracy said...

That's too funny! I think Angelo stopped by here one afternoon, but the dog about bit him--he promptly left the house!