Thursday, July 31, 2008

About Me (Will)

I didn't get tagged or anything, but Mom wanted to share a few things about me that you might or might not know...

1. I tell my mom I love her - without being prompted - almost every day. I also often tell her that I'm not going to like her anymore (!) when I get in trouble.

2. I love to pretend I'm somebody else. I get this from my mom. My favorite people to pretend to be are Mr. Randy, who cuts our grass, or my friend Davis, who is 4. I also like to pretend to be Grandma Nancy.

3. I am allowed to plug things in when a grownup is watching now! I love it!!! But sometimes it seems to bother Mom and Dad. For some reason they don't think that you should plug things in as a past-time.

4. I love fans and vacuum cleaners. But I think some vacuum cleaners are too loud, so even though I like to vacuum, I won't use Mom's best one. I go upstairs when she uses it because I don't like the noise.

5. I say good prayers before meals. I ALWAYS pray for "the people who were in the tornado".

6. I! love! getting! to! work! with! Daddy!!! Daddy is so cool.

7. I like to be called Copper. Will is OK too.

8. Once a long time ago, Daddy made going to the bathroom fun by saying, "Lotty dotty, Will likes to potty!" So now we call going to the potty "Lotty Dottying".

9. I behave much better if I know what's going to happen. If you tell me it's time for bed, I will protest and misbehave. But if you tell me that in just a few minutes it'll be time for bed, I will usually be ready before you are!

10. I eat Kid Cuisines every night for dinner right now. Mom says that when they are gone, she won't buy anymore for a while. She doesn't like that I don't eat what she makes and she hopes it is just a phase.

11. Sophie bugs me sometimes, but I love her a whole lot. I can't wait for Mom to get her up in the mornings, and I like to go in with Mom to say "Good morning!" to her.

12. Tonight after church I explained to Mom why people get baptized. She thought I did a really good job.

13. If Daddy leaves for work before I wake up, I am sad. Mom helps me call him on the phone to say good morning and I think that's fun.

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Carris Family said...

Sweet Handsome Awesome Will - I love you!! I LOVED reading your post! It warmed my heart - and made me feel very near to you. I miss you terribly. I can't believe how quickly you are growing up! It was special to think about your Daddy loving on you and saying silly things like "Lotty Dotty Will likes to potty". And my how you are moving up in the world, to actually plug things into the wall , does life get any better? I want you to know I love you so much!! Aunt Molly