Thursday, July 24, 2008

Agricultural Enrichment

Last Saturday with my sister Sylvia in town, we decided to try out "Summer Saturdays" at the Agricultural Center by our house. They have different kid-centered activities each Saturday. This Saturday, we were able to groom and ride miniature donkeys, watch a mule play with her baby, visit sheep and follow the process of the wool being made into yarn, and even pat one of the Mounted Police's beautiful steeds.
Sophie's donkey "Eeyore" - the smallest - was perfectly to scale to her size, so she looked very natural riding him!

About 1/3 of the way through the ride, Sophie said, "All done!" and motioned to get off. "Sorry, Sophie - the ride is $3 and you've only spent $1." She was somewhat reluctant but we continued on and got our money's worth!

Will did not want to ride a donkey, but he enjoyed visiting Bear, one of the police horses, and watching a police officer wash and groom one of the others.

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vergne said...

That sounds so neat! We've been thinking about going over there & checking it out one Saturday. Is it still going on?