Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New Voice (and a new opinion on EVERYTHING)

Sophie has started talking in short sentences (and sometimes longer ones, although I don't always understand those). Here are some Sophese phrases, with English translations where necessary:

Hair-ro (hello)

What doin', Mama? (I hear this one a lot, and I must say it's very cute)

(EVERY morning): Want ceryaya (cereal), pleathe! then, if I try to give it to her dry, Want bowl! Mulch! (milk), then Want more ceryaya!

(As Will throws all her toys out of her crib) That my bee-uh (bear)! That my bay-beeeee!

No besos! (Aunt Annie is teaching her Spanish and besos is Spanish for kisses. Sophie is sometimes miserly with her kisses, especially with a kiss-hog like Annie.)

Hush, Rentz! (Ranse is a nickname for Ransom.)

Want mun-eeee! (Sophie LOVES money. We don't know why. We use plastic, so we're not sure how she knows what money is.)

(As she is washing these various objects with a wipe...) Clean chair! Clean Mama! Clean (Mama's) arm!

Want to shut the gate! Want to shut the gate!

(When it's time to leave Mrs. Emily's, as she chases Maddox - who is crawling away with a sense of urgency - around the room) Want to kiss Magnux! Want to kiss Magnux!

(As we're passing by my jewelry in the bathroom) Bay-bee need a neck-ness. Bay-bee need a bay-bee neck-ness!

(After I unbuckle her carseat) Good job, bay-bee!

(To her Sunday School teachers) Bye-bye bay-bee!

There are a few words that are more difficult, so she has to pause to get her mouth set right to say them. The difficult word comes out slow and lower in tone that the rest of the sentence. Here are a couple of examples:

Want-the-Bob-the-Builder........... SPPPOOOWWWN! Want-the-Bob-the-Builder........... SPPPOOOWWWN! Want-the-Bob-the-Builder........... SPPPOOOWWWN!

I drinkin' Wool's..... JUUUIIICCCE. I drinkin' Wool's..... JUUUIIICCCE.


Anonymous said...

How cute! After spending several days with Lala/Lola and Baby Bro-bro, I can't wait to see Bay-bee and Wool!

Love, Mimi

Candice said...

She is so cute!

Abigail and Ansley said...

You do such a great job writing about Will and Sophie! They are so precious!