Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School Pictures!

Earlier this month, we had a historic day - the first day of school for our kids!

Will is going to a "practice" year of kindergarten - he is in private kindergarten this year, but because of where his birthday falls on the school calendar, he will be in public kindergarten next year.

Sophie goes to preschool two days each week at the same location, along with several of their friends.

Here is Will on his first day of school, which was also Sophie's orientation day.

First, I tried to blind my kids by having them stand directly facing the morning sun.

Realizing that didn't make for the best picture, we regrouped and chose a new location.
Can you tell they are excited?

Will didn't look back... and hasn't since! :)


Carris Family said...

Awwww....So sweet! I can't believe the picture of Will walking up the stairs, talk about a tear jerker for this shmoopie Aunt, and how is Sophie big enough for preschool/? Sighhhhhh...
Aunt Molly

Proud Mimi said...

Like mother, like daughter (Molly), I got teary-eyed, too, looking at that photo of Will on the stairs. My how time flies!!

Mimi said...

PS I hope Will's red shirt does not signify that he's still working at Chuck E. Cheese!! ;)

Mindy said...

Oh, my goodness, I'm crying!

Unknown said...

Laughed out loud at the picture where you tried to blind them. I'm planning on taking some "first day" pictures tomorrow - note to self, watch out for sun!

Kristi said...

That bag looked too big for him, but I see he got it up the stairs! What a milestone - both kids in school!