Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watsonwood, Day 2

After closing on Thursday, Andy - with Toby's help - got right to work Friday morning.

(No, I won't be posting daily updates, but thought the first day's progress was interesting.)

You can see the house now!
(Gratuitous backyard picture - it hasn't really changed since Day 1. But I like it.)


Andy wanted me to take a picture of him in the cool '50s chair pretending to watch his cool "new" 50s TV. Because we simply don't have enough antique electronics in our lives! He also culled from the Goodwill pile the groovy red suit hanging in the background for me. Thanks hon.

"Walkthrough" bedroom, soon to be just "bedroom"

Living room

One of the other bedrooms

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Anonymous said...

I thought you looked really good in that suit the other day! Don't listen to what those other people were saying about your "style"