Thursday, August 6, 2009

One More Time!

Although I posted thoughts on a previous jukebox purchase here, I haven't kept up. Andy's purchased three jukeboxes since then, models from 1940, 1938 and 1955.

A couple of weeks ago, he rolled in with this beauty:

It's a Wurlitzer One More Time,which means it's actually a reproduction (made in 1991) of the most famous jukebox, a 1946 Wurlitzer 1015. The original played 78 rpm records. This reproduction plays 45s. (There have also been reproductions that play CDs.) While it is technically a reproduction, we've been impressed by the looks and quality of the OMT and by its reliability. It is the same dimensions as the original, and after helping move it from the garage (above) to the foyer (below), I can attest that it cannot possibly be much lighter.

Will and (especially) Sophie have been showcasing some pretty remarkable dancing skills since this acquisition. You can get a taste below. I am almost tempted to try to post a video.

(Cousin Scott is in the background on guitar. The most popular selection per the preschool set is currently "Sweet Home Alabama", followed by "Crazy".)

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Mindy said...

Oh! I love this!! I want to watch them dancing! Please, oh please post a video!

And, might I add that your children have great taste in music. :)