Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Missing My Copper

So I am reflecting on the wonderful things about Will, since he is in Georgia this week and I am missing him. I find it's easier to reflect on his good traits in his absence. When he's around, there's just not much time for reflecting on anything. So here are just a few of the things I love about little Copper:

1. "I'm so glad to see you!"

2. He loves to vacuum.

3. He loves to wash my car with Daddy.

4. He stands up in the cart at the grocery store and says, "I'm vewy brave and tall!"

5. He tells me, "I'm so proud of you for using the potty!" when I come out of the bathroom. No one else does that for me.

6. When I come into a room where Sophie is crying, and I ask him "Did you hurt Sophie?", he says, "Yes I did." "Why?" "Because I wanted her to be hurt" or "We-ell, she can't play with my _______ (insert random toy here)." I don't love that he hurts her but the truthfulness is nice.

7. When we point at him and say, "You're mine!" he grins and points back, "You're mine!"

8. He gives terrific bear hugs.

9. He sings to Sophie when she cries, albeit a little manicly.

10. That sweet smile. Who could resist it?

If for no other reason, this week has been nice because Sophie is enjoying her time outside of Will's shadow. It has been so much fun to see her bonding with her daddy and wrapping him around her chubby little finger. She's also enjoying getting to play with all Will's toys without him taking them away. The other day she crawled into his room, stood up, and laughed aloud in sheer glee at the thought that she was in there without him (or at least that's what I attributed her laughter to).


Carris Family said...

Crazy to imagine an entire week without your sweet little Will! I can't even begin to imagine how dirty your floors must be getting! Molly

Candice said...

I love comment number 5 and 7. Funny and very sweet.

vergne said...

You've got some pretty funny ones in there. I'm sure we all have things we love about our children and things we're not so crazy about. Of course, we wouldn't trade them for anything though.


Anonymous said...

Just want all of your readers, and you to know that now the home of Grandma and Papa Morris is now missing that sweet smile and that "Grandma, open your eyes, it's time to get up. It's not dark outside." We were very pleasantly surprised that not once did Will ask for Mom or Dad or show any signs of homesickness during the week. I'm sure Mom will tell you about the phone call every evening in which he would only say, "Don't cry Mama. I'm in Georgia. Bye" It was a great week!!