Saturday, August 18, 2007

Southlake, Day 3 (Surprises Revealed)

So the last few days have revealed some interesting surprises at the Southlake property.

Surprise #1 was that under the paneling in the living room, the walls were painted a frightening jet black with fluorescent paint depicting fun items like handprints, skulls and marijuana plants. Very classy as you can see from the pictures.

And this one's just for you, Annie. It seems that in our family, a prerequisite for investment properties is that they must feature pictures of Satan himself on the walls.
Surprise #2, definitely not pictured, was a very serious and (it would seem) expensive collection of pornography that filled the attic. We're talking hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands, of magazines. Again, very classy. Too bad we didn't know about this in advance, as Andy may have been able to get volunteer helpers!

Nevertheless, the progress continues at a terrific speed, thanks to Andy's initiative and the hard work of himself, Jose, Abel and Blake. Here you see Dumpster #1, filled to capacity and schedule to be picked up and replaced ASAP (Monday or Tuesday).
Here you see the junkiest corner of the house, now mostly cleaned up.
Front hasn't changed much (other than the addition of the building permit in the front window).
Big changes in the kitchen! Cabinets and appliances are gone (did any of you want that stove? I think it's still available...) Washer/dryer was removed after this picture was taken.
Here's the dining room in its current state. That's the bathtub you can see just past Sophie through the stud wall.
Bedrooms are cleared of debris now.

Also, attic and crawl space are completely cleaned out save one water heater in the attic, which will have to wait until the attic stair is removed due to its large size.

Andy's very enthused with the progress thusfar. Up for this week: Contract central air installation, determine electrical upgrades needed to accomodate central air, design and order new kitchen cabinets, sheetrock removal, wall cleaning (where existing sheetrock will be painted), tree trimming, floor leveling, and framing in a new bathroom!


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

Those pictures are AMAZING! You guys really move when you get a new place! I cannot believe the difference compared to the "before" pictures. Looks like the washer/dryer are decent (maybe a Craigslist item???) Maybe you can get some money out of all the stuff left in that house!!!

Doug, Shelly, Ava and Liam said...

I think you once referred to one of the houses as "the house that crack built". Would this one be "the house that Satan built"?

Such brave souls! (I couldn't get past the maggot picture...)

I can DEFINITELY see why they chose your offer!


Carris Family said...

What would I do without this blog? I love feeling connected to you after reading your blog. I am so glad that you take the time to post pictures, and keep this up!

You guys must be working CONSTANTLY on the house, you have made such terrific progress! I am truly amazed. As for the to do list for this week, I know you can't do everything all at once, but I am concerned that the black walls and Fluorescent Satan weren't mentioned, am I to assume you intend to leave them? (Kidding) That is unreal! Totally completely unreal! Such stories from this house, and you've owned it three days! Molly

Candice said...

It looks so much better already!!