Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shocking New Photos!

OK, now that I've gotten your attention, I must say that I do intend to deliver on the promise. But a little background first...

On Sunday, July 29th, we met our renters and gave them the keys to the Durrett property. We knew that we wanted to do a "rehab and retail" next (my preference to the term "flip", which sounds WAY too easy) to generate cash for our next down payment on a rental property. We currently are operating on a theory that "flip one, hold one, flip one, hold one" is the way to go.
However, Andy and I had talked at length about our next project and my hopes that it would not manifest itself too quickly. Besides the constraints that a big project has on our weekends, he has a long list of things he'd like to do around our own house (and I must confess I have a few items on that list too). You know how the cobbler's child is the worst shod, or however that saying goes.

But lo and behold, at 10:00 on Monday, July 30 (THE DAY AFTER WE GAVE AWAY OUR KEYS TO DURRETT), my phone rings at work. It's Andy. "We need to go look at a house at lunch!" he says. A new house was just listed that morning that looked intriguing (READ: might need a lot of work and is priced accordingly).

Let's just say my enthusiasm was not exactly unbridled, but I trust Andy and I know it's better for him to see the property and - hopefully - realize it's not a good fit than to continue to speculate. So we went to see the house at lunch.

In spite of my reservations, I was won over and we were both ready to make an offer. When we submitted the offer early that afternoon, it was already the third one they'd received, in less than a day. By the time they made their decision to accept our offer two days later, there were no less than fourteen offers on the table.

And what made ours the most compelling? Well, I'm not at all sure it was the highest, but ours contained a clause that they could take what they wanted out of the house and leave whatever they didn't. Below you'll see what happens when you include a clause like this. (By the way, I am not posting pictures of the attic or crawl space, but they are both FULL of junk and debris that will need to be removed.)

We closed today at lunchtime. So without further ado... the Southlake property:

(Disclaimer: Don't view these photos while you are eating. Seriously. Or if you think you're going to eat anytime soon.)

The front doesn't look too bad, does it?

OK, you're starting to realize it has a few issues...

Here's our new dining room: Living room... Bedroom #1...
Bedroom #2...
OK, steel yourselves. Here's where it starts to get ugly.

Again... you're really not eating, are you? Kitchen...

Yeah, that's a roach.
This was really to be the climatic picture. However, maggots don't photograph well, so you really can't fully appreciate the writhing mass we witnessed on this plate.

And my favorite, to end on a hopeful note. Enlarge to see detail if needed.

Now go enjoy your mansion or house or apartment or shack or cardboard box with renewed appreciation!


Carris Family said...

OH MY GOSH!! While it looks like I was stalking your blog waiting for photos...OK well I admit I was dying to see pictures, but stalking is just such a strong word. I enjoyed talking to you today so much and hearing about the new house in person. I must admit though a picture really does say a thousand words. Molly

Carris Family said...

PS - These pictures gave me nightmares last night! Molly

Candice said...

My jaw fell open. That is so gross. I can only imagine the smells that go along with that sort of mess.

The truly sad part is that I saw toys in those pictures. It appears like a child was living in those conditions.

I'd agree with the seller. Your offer to let them leave whatever they wanted was VERY appealing.

Thomas and I flipped a house that looked similar to the one pictured. I can't remember how many dumpsters were filled. The money we paid some people to clear out the attic and crawl space was beyond worth it. I can't remember if we took before pictures or not. If so, I can try to send them to you. However, I think this "endeavor" you are about to embark upon is worse.

Best wishes!!!

Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

Now, how much money do you think a person can pick up off the floor of this house????

Kathy said...

As much as they want now that we own it!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, so when do we get to see the after pictures? Tomorrow or the next day? LOL!


Anonymous said...


However, the funny part is that I'm beginning to look at these houses through Andy's eyes, especially since this one is not even as bad as Dobbs, and look how good that one turned out!?!?!

Hey, I think I spotted another orange box (with pennies in it?), a Bingo game and other great prizes that I can retrieve for Andy when I'm there.


PS. I loved the captions!!