Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Documented Torture

Back on 11/2/07, we spent a morning at Portrait Innovations, trying valiantly for a couple of good sibling pictures (anyone out there with two or more kids know what a Mission Impossible this is). We had fun and the kids did well, especially Will, who was finally old enough to cooperate and not be overwhelmed by all the attention. Without further ado, I am posting the best... and funniest of the outtakes. (Anyone have any fun captions to add?)

"Now, Will... this time try to look sexy..."

I like this next one... "OK, just end the photo shoot now and the girl won't get hurt..."
"Please no... anything but that... NO!... NOT THE CAMERA!!!"
"You want me to touch him THERE? That's silly!"/"You want her to WHAT?!?"


Candice said...

I seriously laughed until I cried looking at these photos. Your captions are priceless!! I came up with some on my own but I'm not so sure that they are as good as yours. You are always so funny!! Thanks for the laugh!

Amy said...

Just wanted you to know I miss your frequent updates. I know you're very busy.
These pictures are priceless and I love you commentary.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I loved the pictures. Thanks for posting them. Those are the cutest kids. I laughed so hard at your comments. S.H.