Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sippies: Today's Random Reflection on Modern Motherhood

Why do they sell sippy cups in two-packs? Why don't they come in 20-packs? Because that's about how many I need, based on the rate we lose them. And if they came in a 20-pack, not only would they be bound to be priced lower (because what manufacturer would have the gall to put an $80 price tag on a set of sippy cups???), but I would never count them once they were out of the package. Then I'd live in blissful ignorance about how many we'd lost. But instead, I have so many orphans from two-packs, I can't help but be reminded every time I take them out of the dishwasher that I have no idea where that other Spiderman cup lives, or that the nice matching Thomas the Train one with the stationary valve is nowhere to be found.

Add to this sense of loss the very real fear that they'll be recovered, full of soured milk under the seat of my car, or worse, that Sophie will retrieve one from under the couch and start drinking from it, and you have a serious case for alarm!


The Pharrs said...

I agree. By the way, Kingston, Will and Sophie had a great time today!

Tracy said...

The things I have to look forward to :-)