Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Things I Don't Want To Forget

I am going to try to post, occasionally, the things that I don't want to forget, particularly about my kids at their current ages. In a way that's what our blogs are all about, but I'm afraid I overlook the obvious. I can already barely remember when Will was a baby, and I know soon I'll feel the same way about Sophie. So here's what I've been thinking...


1. The way Sophie says "Pleethe" instead of "Please".

2. Will crawling in bed with us in the morning and curling up on top of me, saying, "Mama, you got a kitty cat for Christmas. Me-owww."

3. That Will was originally Bammer the Christmas Elephant, who became Bammer-The-Christmas-Elephant-Who-Is-Real-And-Has-Two-Trunks, before Will realized that elephants are too big for houses and restaurants and decided to be Bammer the Kitty Cat instead.

4. Will building a house out of Lincoln Logs just for Sophie (who we call The Tornado) to knock down, and then calling her in so she can do it.

5. The way Sophie runs laughing to the bathroom when it is time for a bath.

6. Sophie's sweet, still, Koala-bear-style hug when I sing to her before putting her to bed.

7. How much I appreciate that Andy and I each put one of the children to bed each night now, alternating so that we both sometimes get quiet time with each child. (And how much I enjoy my Sophie nights, since she's so much faster to bed than Will!)

8. That my house is a constant wreck! One day my house will be (relatively) clean, and I will wish Will and Sophie were there to destroy it.

9. How nice it is that we aren't involved in sports or lessons or school yet (although I feel like our lives are already pretty crazy)!

10. Taking a big deep sniff of Sophie's hair the morning after bath night, when she smells like baby shampoo, nighttime lotion and sleepy baby. (Later in the day, her hair is likely to smell like the jelly, syrup or pudding she's smeared in it.)


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The Pharrs said...

I always enjoy your blog! This is so sweet and it brought a smile to my face because I hope I never forget some of the same things!! See you soon.