Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disney On Ice

Instead of throwing Sophie a party this year, we decided to go to Disney On Ice.

The previous weekend, we had been to a demolition derby at the Dickson County Fair. Although I liked the derby part, it was pretty much a nightmare. The stands were incredibly congested, there were smokers everywhere, and Will kept kicking the back of a hugely obese smoker in front of us. I apologized profusely, but she was NOT nice about it, even though it wasn't completely his fault since she hung over the back of her bench considerably, further limiting his already cramped space. We just had way too much energy to try to confine to a space of that size.

After that, I had serious concerns about Disney On Ice. We had never been to an event like that before, and while I knew smoke wasn't going to be an issue, I was worried the congestion might be similar. In spite of my dread, the kids were pretty excited on the car ride there.

And my concerns were groundless. We had ample room and of course, everything was very kid-friendly (well, except the prices, but we had already discussed at length that we were NOT BUYING *ANYTHING* there, so that wasn't much of an issue).

Sophie loved the show and contentedly watched the whole thing. Will was done after Intermission and ready to go home. This was somewhat understandable as the "Cars" gang was the very first act, and the whole second half of the show was devoted to Tinkerbell and fairies, which are not exactly up Will's alley. He made it through, and I was just glad that the Birthday Girl enjoyed the outing.

Aunt Anna baked Sophie a cake decorated in the only color that matters to Sophie, which we enjoyed later.

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