Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Next "Best Thing"

I have stumbled upon a marvelous discovery which I am thrilled to share with all of you fellow parents of preschoolers. There are many ordinary objects that we adults take for granted, but that provide unprecedented fascination for our children. When we happen upon an object subject to this fascination and also cheap and relatively safe... JACKPOT!

A week or so ago, Will found some mailing tape, which he began using to construct sectioned garage doors out of Lincoln Log roofs (the wooden, paint-stirrer-like type). At first I was adverse to his excessive tape usage. We don't usually condone wanton waste in our household. But eventually I remembered that we have a friend that works for a massive office supply manufacturer, and he had recently given us a desk-top tape dispenser with several rolls of tape. This provided Will with the marvelous opportunity to have sole custody of our old tape dispenser, which excited him to no end. He immediately came up with a complicated code of rules and regulations regarding who could use his tape and under what circumstances. (Thankfully, Sophie's standing as Little Sister and Object of Protection gave her access - albeit limited - to his new treasure.)

Tonight, as I look back on today's activities, I realize that "Spinny Scotch Tape", as Will calls it, is quite possibly a gift from God. In a couple of sessions, with limited supervision and without much risk of injury or property damage, Will entertained himself for well over an hour. The fun would've continued had I not insisted that it was bedtime.

So there you have my humble suggestion of a new form of entertainment. It's way cheaper than a movie!


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

We feel that way about our empty toilet paper roll. We have not had a roll of toilet paper on our holder for the past four months. And although it is annoying to constantly grab for the TP there, and listen to my mother and grandmother yell that there is not TP, it is all worth it when Nate will play with the empty roll like it is a toy on his exersaucer while pooping on the potty!

Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

AND, boy would Will have been in luck if only he was born about ten years earlier. He would have gotten all the scotch tape a boy could have dreamed for from his Great Grandparents at Christmas time!