Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making Beds... and Lying In Them

For Will's birthday, we moved in a set of bunkbeds for him (thanks Craigslist!). We had an ulterior motive: we were hoping that the more plush mattress would be more comfortable for our little prince, and he would stop his nocturnal travels that inevitably end smack dab in the middle of OUR bed, his feet pressed relentlessly into my back as I cling to the edge of the bed, my head slowly pushed off the pillow.

As excited as Will was about his beds - and he tried to lure people up to his room for a week or two by saying, "Don't you want to come upstairs and climb my ladder???" - I think Rofie was more excited about her receipt of Will's old Ikea bed. We figured we might as well put the crib away since she was climbing out of it every morning anyway. The bed allows for a safer exit.

Note the 80's Barbie sleeping beside her.

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Amy said...

Those bunkbeds are pretty classy. A little nicer than our bunks in Elam. And I'm 99% sure his closet is bigger than ours was.
You're not the only one with a nightly visitor. Ours likes to sleep perpendicular to us. Comfy.