Monday, June 4, 2007


Will and Sophie have a very good relationship. Will is quite loving, if sometimes overly enthusiastic, and Sophie thinks Will is fascinating and funny. Last night, Will was eating a grilled cheese sandwich while Sophie sat in the bumbo chair and ate squash and cereal in her typical messy fashion. When Will requested a refill of milk and I suspended her feeding to comply, Sophie, already in a delicate mental state due to fatigue, became hysterical.

Above her wails of protest, I heard Will ask clearly, "Are you crying, Vegetable Face?"

Will's also heard at least one, and probably multiple, family members use the word "stupid" - I'm not going to divulge any names as to the culprit (( MOM M! )). As anyone who knows our dog Ransom might guess, it's almost always in reference to her. So the other day Will, Sophie and I were in Kohl's when I hear Will sweetly singing to Soph to the tune of Frere Jacques, "Stupid Sophie, Stupid Sophie... Stupid Sophie, Stupid Sophie..." He obviously had no idea this was an insult, but I had to have my first "that is not a word we need to use" conversation.

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Anonymous said...

well this is my first comment....feel special. The pictures are very cute. What was wills response that conversation???


P.S. "I'm not touching you..."