Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pottywatch, Installment #2 (Subtitle: I Love POTTYTRAIN YOUR CHILD IN LESS THAN A DAY)

OK, I am writing this Saturday after the big Wednesday training session. I think I may have spoken too soon in criticism of the book. Although it didn't deliver as promised, I think it has been a huge help to us. Will hasn't been in a diaper except at night since the initial training. He spent Thursday and Friday at Mrs. Debbie's with only a few accidents. Mrs. Debbie is a Godsend in many ways, not the least of which is her patience and willingness to let me send an untrained child to her house in underwear! Today it is 3:00 pm and he has had only one accident. He is getting reminders to go, but I still think this is great progress.

Update: As I am posting this on Wednesday night, things are still going well. Will is still needing some reminders and having some accidents, but he still hasn't been in a diaper other than at night! Things are going well enough that I don't foresee us backtracking at this point.

If you talk to him, please congratulate him on his new skill!


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